I have always been involved with real estate in some way.  My husband Paul and I have been landlords since our early 20’s and have purchased several homes that needed a little TLC, remodeled them, and made a good profit when we sold them.  We have also had a family business specializing in kitchen/ bathroom remodeling and interior updating.  In addition to our family business, I spent several years working with a large California company, US Homes, as a model home Interior Designer.  It was a great experience because I was involved in the design and building of the homes from the conception of each project to the completion.   I know a good house when I see it, and I have the ability to see the potential in homes that need updating.  That being said, I still believe in location, location, location and that a good floor plan are the two most critical factors to consider when purchasing a home. 

Portland Oregon Real Estate

The many years of experience that I have in real estate, home remodeling, buying, selling and working with interior design will benefit you in so many ways. My knowledge of the local Portland area, the vibrant night life, the inviting tree lined streets with gorgeous homes and a view of the snow capped Mt. Hood will be to your advantage. You can buy my house fast at .


I can show you the best place to view the city scape from across the Willamette River, pass by the exquisite Japanese Garden, drive to Pier Park and show you the local schools and various charming neighborhoods. Portland Oregon Properties are very popular and can offer the best of everything you need, easy commute to work, picturesque surroundings, properties in all price ranges and amenities to accommodate your lifestyle. Start your search for Portland Oregon Property today. Portland hosts the Annual Blues Festival, a celebration for locals and additionally draws in visitors from near and far. The local transportation is even fun here, it’s fun to see and ride the retro street cars. Imagine the incredible fragrance when you enter theInternational Rose Garden, a definite must-see attraction.